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Apa itu E-Dinar?

E-dinar is a digital gold currency founded in 2000 by Zeno Dahinden, of Switzerland, Dato Abdul Rahman Shariff, of Malaysia, and Fernando Vadillo, of Spain. They are incorporated in Labuan, Malaysia, as E-dinar Ltd., and in Dubai as E-dinar FZ-LLC.

The E-dinar company minted their own silver coins and gaold coins as early as 1992. After finalizing a partnership with e-gold in 2000, they established their own mints in the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. Near the end of 2003, half of the company was bought out by an unknown international corporation in the Middle East, and in July 2004 they formally separated from e-gold. E-dinar allows for the instant transfer of gold and silver (e-dirham) between user accounts.

The amount of gold and silver held and in circulation in the E-dinar system is currently unknown.


What is E-dinar?

E-dinar is the name of an internet based electronic payment and exchange system that facilitates online transactions 100% backed by physical gold and silver.

E-dinar and e-dirham are the electronic units used within the E-dinar system.

Each E-dinar electronic unit corresponds to an exact, fixed weight of 4.25 grams of pure 24k gold. Each e-dirham corresponds to an exact, fixed weight of 3 grams of .999 silver. These units are infinitely divisible thus allowing large as well as very small transactions.

The physical gold and silver bullion backing E-dinar and e-dirham units are always equivalent or larger than all electronic E-dinar and e-dirham in circulation. The physical gold and silver bullion is held securely in internationally renowned bullion repositories.

Transactions are executed using E-dinar and e-dirham units and, as a rule, do not result in physical movement of gold or silver in the bullion repository. The exception are large transactions of at least 150'000.- USD where gold bars are physically moved between pallets.

Account holders always have the option to exchange their E-dinars an e-dirhams into any major national currency or redeem them and take physical possession of an equivalent amount of gold dinar and silver dirham.



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